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Version 1.1

  • You can now customize the name of the cookie that Horizon Reports sends to the browser.

  • When refreshing the data dictionary, you can now choose specific tables to refresh from a list.

  • The database tree view will now scroll to the previously selected item after a change.

  • If you launch Horizon Reports with no project created, you are now automatically prompted to create a new project.

  • You can now highlight items in the database tree view by last updated date or keyword search.

  • Added Format presets for different data types.

  • In Studio, you can now right-click on a table and choose View Table Contents to retrieve and view the table.

  • Added a connection string builder to Studio to help creating database connection strings.

  • You can now test relations with a new Test button.

  • The BeforeExportReport plugin method now supports changes to the export options for the report.

  • Moved the default location for hrsettings.json file to Project_Data. This allows setting the file permissions for the application root folder to read-only. Previous installations that have hrsettings.json in the application root will still continue to work normally.

  • Added support for string concat (||) operator when reporting against a data source that requires it (like SQLite).

  • Added new URL for directly exporting a report to file.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Studio app wouldn’t work properly when hosted from a virtual directory.

  • Fixed a bug with custom favicon and logo handling.

  • Fixed an issue using a MySql backend to host the data dictionary database.

  • Fixed an issue with views not being handled properly during a refresh.

  • Last changed time for meta data objects is now updated properly on changes.

  • Deleting a table from the data dictionary now automatically removes any related joins.

  • Fixed a bug where the field order wasn’t being set properly for new fields.

  • Fixed a bug with automatic plugin compilation using the wrong .NET assemblies.

  • Fixed several issues that occurred when importing legacy projects.

  • Fixed a bug with imported projects not having the correct project ID.

  • Fixed an issue where an expired license caused the application to stop working.