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New Features

  • Meta data discovery now works with any database with a .NET provider and can handle tables with more than 255 fields. After discovery is complete, a dialog may appear if there were issues that need to be addressed.

  • The Help menu has a new Stonefield Query Customer Portal function.

  • The new Automatically Query Values When Editing Filter configuration setting determines whether Stonefield Query retrieves the unique values for the field in a filter condition as the user enters a value for the condition.

  • If the new URL For Customer Portal configuration setting is filled in, the Help menu in Stonefield Query includes a Customer Portal item that navigates the user’s browser to that URL.

  • The User Resources panel has settings for Options, Formulas, ChangePassword, and ImportExport, which determine whether users can access those functions in Stonefield Query.

  • A new plugin type, ReportPostProcessingPlugin, is available. This plugin can be used to perform any final modifications to the report output just prior to uploading, emailing, or saving the report to a file.

  • The toolbar in Stonefield Query Enterprise Studio now has a Back button that takes you back to the previously selected item. It also has a drop-down list so you can specifically select which item to return to.

  • The Prompt for Subtables option was removed from dialogs related to meta data discovery.

  • ConnectionStrings.xml has a different structure than in earlier versions.

  • Extended diagnostic logging of the meta data discovery process is now only performed when a file named Log.txt exists in the Data subdirectory of the Stonefield Query program folder.

  • You can tell Studio not to refresh relationships between tables when refreshing the data dictionary by setting the RefreshRelations setting in Settings.xml to false.

  • The version of each plugin being loaded is now logged to the main log file. Stock plugins now have a version number that matches the major release version.

  • Support has been improved for having the same table in different databases in the project.

  • HTTPS redirection is now done using HSTS, which improves security.

Bug Fixes

  • Captions for fields in MySQL databases are handled better now.

  • Connection strings for other .NET providers are now read from ConnectionStrings.xml as the documentation indicates.

  • The LookupFieldConverter builder now adds the database name to table names if there’s more than one database in the data dictionary.

  • Adding a relation when a collapsed table node is selected no longer causes an error.

  • A bug that prevented HelpMapping.xml from being installed was fixed.

  • Character values coming from the database are now automatically trimmed of trailing spaces to ensure filter comparisons work the way you expect.

  • If a project settings file that doesn’t exist is passed as a parameter, the startup process is halted earlier and the reason why is now logged.

  • Fixed a logger-related error that would appear when testing a project in IIS Express.