When you run Horizon Reports, if your copy isn’t activated, the software will run in unactivated mode. Please note that you must activate within 30 days after you run it for the first time or it stops working. If that happens and you still need time to evaluate Horizon Reports, contact sales@horizon-reports.com to request an extension code and enter that code in the license manager.

To activate, log in to the report writer with an Administrator account, and choose Setup from the Tools menu. Under the licenses tab, add a new license and enter your serial number, then click Activate Online to generate an activation for the license.

If online activation isn’t working, send an email to Technical Support to obtain an activation code; be sure to provide both the serial number and registration number. Once you get a response with an activation code, use it to add the license under the licenses tab.

For more information on how licensing works, see the Licensing topic.