Horizon Reports can automatically compile your plugins or functions for you if they are written in C#. To use this feature, create a subfolder named “Source” in your Project_Data\Plugins folder for plugins, or Project_Data\Functions for functions. Then, copy each C# source code file (*.cs) to the corresponding “Source” folder.

During application startup, Horizon Reports enumerates the source files (e.g. Project_Data\Plugins\Source\MyPlugin.cs) and looks for a corresponding plugin in the Plugins folder (e.g. Project_Data\Plugins\MyPlugin.dll). If the plugin is not found, then the source file is compiled.


During compliation, references to most assemblies that are part of .NET 6 are available. However, if your code depends on additional assemblies (for example, from a nuget package), then copy the assembly file (.dll) to the source folder as well.