AfterSQLStatementGenerated is called after the SQL statement needed to retrieve the report’s data has been generated but before it’s sent to the database engine. You can alter the SQL statement as desired.


public string AfterSQLStatementGenerated(
    IReport report,
    string sqlStatement,
    object[] parameters,
    string tablename,
    System.Data.IDbConnection conn,
    System.Data.IDbCommand cmd,
    string dataSourceName)


report The report being run.

sqlStatement The SQL statement generated by the data engine.

parameters The values of any parameters used in the SQL statement.

tableName The name of the data table being created.

conn The connection object being used.

cmd The command object being used.

dataSourceName The name of the current data source being queried.

Return value

The SQL statement to be used or null if the SQL statement should not be sent to the database. If the method doesn’t alter the SQL statement, return the passed-in value.